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Save Time and Money

  1. Like most things in life, moving and self storage of goods can benefit from forward planning just a little early organisation will go a long way in making your move easier.
    Ask your trained Paisley & Kirkintilloch Self Storage expert to help you choose a unit size that fits your needs and budget. The cost of unit is determined by size so it is important to maximise the use of your self storage unit.
  2. At Paisley & Kirkintilloch Self Storage we believe you should never pay for more storage space than you actually need; but remember 10kgs of sugar will not go into a 5kg container. This is also true in self storage.
  3. An efficiently packed self storage space will naturally cost less. We suggest you rent the smallest amount of space you need and pack it full. If you intend to use the space often, a larger well-organised unit may be more convenient. Don’t forget to use the ‘free space’ at the top of your unit.
  4. As you prepare to move, look at what you do and don’t want to keep. Have a garage sale, or consider donating unwanted clothing and household items. You’ll eliminate clutter, support an important cause, and save time and money packing, moving and storing goods you no longer require.
  5. Use Paisley Self Storage’s high quality packing boxes that are designed especially for the job. Same size, strong boxes make stacking and tiering possible, saving you space and money.
  6. Where possible, remove the legs from furniture eg. bed bases and tables to avoid damage and save space. Load the flat surfaces on edge. If this can’t be done, load tables on their top surfaces, legs up, taking care to protect the finish with felt blankets or padding. Don’t forget to label all parts for simple reassembly. Keep all the screws and fittings in small bags taped to the underside of furniture.
  7. Larger appliances like clean fridges and freezers make excellent ‘packing cases’ for blankets, towels, table cloths and clothes.
  8. Use dresser tops for stacking cartons and dresser drawers for linens for small delicate items. Use your shelving to maximise your storage space.
  9. Remember how long it look you to load your van. You’ll have to allow at least the same amount of time when you unload your van to place your goods into self storage.


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