Storage Hacks for Every Room – pt. 1

Storage Hacks

Are you cupboards overflowing with Tupperware? Do your cosmetics dominate every flat surface in your bathroom? Is your garage a mess of disorganised boxes? We’re here to help fix your storage woes.

We’ve combed the industry and collected the best storage tips, tricks and hacks. So listen up and get organised.  

Living Room

The living room is where most of us spend the majority of our free time. Because of that, it’s inevitable that they tend towards untidiness. Here’s three tips to help you keep your living room looking ship shape.   Storage Hacks Velcro


Do you spend the first ten minutes of any TV show searching for the remote? Well it’s time to reclaim that time. Pick up some self-adhesive Velcro and attach a strip to the back of your remote. Stick the other half of the strip on the side of a shelf or the underside of your coffee table. Volia! You now have a convenient remote control holder.   Storage Hack Ironing Board

Coat Hangers

No matter how well you plan its storage, your ironing board will forever fall over, tangle up cables and generally get in the way of everything. However, with two craftily placed coat hanger hooks, you can securely store your board up off the ground and say goodbye to tangled hoover power cables forever.   Storage Hacks DVDs

Staggered Shelves

If, like many of us, you have amassed an extensive DVD or Blu-Ray collection over the years, this tip is for you. For easy browsing, stagger the height of your shelves so boxes at the back can be seen over boxes at the front. Now you don’t have to pull everything out to see what’s behind.  


If your bedroom is on the small side, you need all the smart storage tips to maximise what you’ve got.   Storage Hack Wardrobe Storage

Impromptu Shelves

Doors are a bit useless in terms of storage. Yes, they keep your clothes in your wardrobe. Yes, they add a bit of character. Yes, they make the place look nice. What they don’t do, though, is contribute anything in the way of storage space. We think it’s about time that changed. Fix shelves or a shoe organiser to the back of your doors and add valuable storage space without compromising on your decor or style.   Storage Hacks Mobile Phone

Mobile phone charging holder

These handy holders can be picked up fairly cheap or, if DIY is your thing, fashioned from an old plastic bottle. These holders are held in place by the plug of your charger and give you a handy pocket to place your phone in. We like this storage hack for two reasons. Firstly, you know where you’ve left your phone. Secondly, you’ll never again accidentally step on your charging cable and jerk your phone off the desk and onto the floor.  


Kitchens tend to get the brunt of our organising efforts. Alphabetically ordered tins, Matryoska doll-style saucepans, spices grouped by cuisine — we’ve seen it all before. But we’ve searched the nation’s cupboards for the most unknown tips, tricks and hacks to give your kitchen that extra organisational bump.   Storage Hacks Magazine Rack

Magazine Racks

Kitchen storage containers tends to be a bit plastic and plain. Try using a magazine rack for storing cans or other dry goods for an interesting injection of style.   Storage Hacks Magnet Kitchen


Magnets are the storage hacker’s best friend. Fix magnets to the underside of shelves and use them to hold jam jars or containers with metal lids. Be sure that the magnets are strong enough to firmly hold the jars or you might nudge them free by accident.   Storage Hacks Rake

Get Rustic

Even the most modern of kitchens can benefit from an injection of loveable rustic charm. Pick up and old rake head and use it as a hanger for glasses, towels or utensils. It’s convenient and cute.  

And, if you’ve still got stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere, you know where to go for hassle free storage.