How Self Storage Can Help Small Glasgow Businesses

How Self Storage Can Help Small Business

Self storage is a fantastic resources for the nation’s small and medium sized businesses. And it’s one that goes untapped far too often. We’re here to right that wrong and show you all the benefits that self storage has to offer your business. So let’s get started.


First up: security. If you deal with, or use, expensive tools, materials or products, security has to be high on your list of demands of facilities. While you could invest in quality locks, sturdy fencing and a state-of-the-art security camera system, it’s going to eat up a sizeable chunk of your budget. The alternative is to go somewhere where that level of security is already established. Somewhere like, say, a self storage facility. Okay, perhaps we’re not being overly subtle here but the point remains. Our customers entrust their possessions to our facilities, our security and that means our security has to be top of the line. We’ve invested in quality security measures throughout our premises. Anti-drill motorcycle padlocks, comprehensive CCTV systems, secure car parks, we’ve go the lot. If you want to see for yourself, come and visit one of our sites.

Receiving Shipments

If you’re a sole trader or small business owner, you often have to take on several roles at once. And if you’re doing one thing, it means you aren’t doing something else. It’s all too easy to find yourself on the phone to a customer and miss that important shipment. Don’t worry, though, we have good news. With self storage, there’s always someone home. Our staff members are standing to help and are happy to accept deliveries on your behalf. That means you’ll never miss the courier or postie again. And that frees you up to concentrate on on the important things like making your business a success.

Affordable and Flexible Space

Try and buy 25 sq ft of warehouse space and it will become immediately apparent that the traditional storage industry is not set up for smaller customers. If you do somehow find somewhere willing to rent out a section of a warehouse, your storage space will likely be unsecured internally. Choosing self storage means you’re storage space is segmented internally and secured externally. And unlike normal warehouse space, self storage is incredibly flexible. If your business is booming and you find you need more space, rent out more lockers. If you find your demand for storage has dropped, give up some of your space. Simple. Choosing self storage means choosing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment, stock and materials are safe and secure, no matter how much space you rent.

Eliminate the Office

Many businesses choose to rent an office purely because it is the done thing. However, in this interconnected digital age, it simply isn’t necessary. With the convenience of internet tech, it’s easy to run a lot business from the comfort of your own home. However, you might want, or need, a bit of separation between home and work. Toolboxes on the kitchen table and boxes of stock in the bedroom are both very effective ways of annoying the other half! Self storage is the perfect way to achieve this separation without breaking the bank. Pay for as much space as you need and access it whenever you want.

Cut Costs

Okay, this isn’t a benefit in and of itself, but we think it deserves its own section. All of the above benefits mean one thing: more dough in your pocket. More dough to invest back into a business, invest in staff training or splash on an extravagant holiday. We vote for the last one. Simply put, self storage is a resource that all businesses should be exploiting.
This post was written by Will Craig from Glasgoweb – A Web Design Company from Glasgow.  

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