5 Tips for Safe Storage When Decorating

Storage for Renovation

It’s Spring, or at least it’s supposed to be. And we all know what Spring means: snowdrops peaking their white petals through the grass, sunny daffodils getting ready to bring a bit of colour to the landscape and longer warm evenings.

It’s a fantastic time of the year and it’s only right that your home looks looks just as good inside as the world does outside. That’s right, it’s time for a Spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new. Fresh coats of paint, polished silverware and rewaxed wooden furniture all round. The hard work starts here but you know it’ll be worth it come mid-March when you’re sitting back admiring your handiwork. However, you don’t want to that relaxation shattered by the discovery of a stray blob of navy blue paint has found its way onto your cream carpet. Preparation is key to ensuring a hassle free decorating experience. Here are our top five tips to ensure that your decorating goes off without a hitch.

When In Doubt, Get It Out

No matter how careful your preparations are, there’s always a chance some stray flecks of paint will make their way onto your prized antique coffee table. Our simple rule for decorating is: when in doubt, get it out. Ideally you want to get all your prized pieces of furniture out of the room. if you can’t, move everything into one half of the room and work in the other. Then move everything down the other end and repeat.

Covers, Covers, Covers

If you can’t move a piece of furniture out of your room, cover it. Avoid using thin covers like bed sheets as paint or varnish will seep through the fabric and stain whatever is beneath. Use tough fabrics or plastic sheets and leave a generous overlap just to be safe. Finally, remember there’s no rush. Take your time and make sure everything is well wrapped up and protected.

Remove Your Delicates

Leaving a priceless Ming vase on a wobbly table when you’re painting your living room ceiling with an extendable pole roller is a scene from a bad slapstick comedy, not something you should be doing. Pack everything breakable into boxes and move it all out to another room. Remember to pack delicates carefully and with a good layer of newspaper or bubble wrap to stop chips mid move.

Consider Storage

For long term projects, it’s not convenient to store an entire room of furniture around your house. A sofa isn’t exactly the sort of thing you can tuck away in the back of a cupboard, after all. If you’re embarking on a longer project, we recommend looking into short term storage. Some facilities, like ours, even offer free collection and delivery for a completely seamless process.

So if you’re a Glaswegian looking to decorate, what are you waiting for?