New Year – New Home

New Year - New Home

The arrival of the New Year brings a flurry of resolutions, life ambitions and dedications. For some of us that means eating less junk food, for others it means reaching for that next rung on the career ladder and for some it means a finally moving into that new home.

While we can’t be much help keeping your dedication to healthy eating going, we’re pretty good when it comes to all things packing, storing and moving related. So for a hassle free move, read on for out top moving tips.

Estimate Space

After living in the same place for a while, you might be surprised at the amount of things you unwittingly accumulated. If you think you’ve fallen victim to absent minded hoarding, it’s a good idea to take a step back and objectively estimate how much you’ll be taking with you. It’s a bit tricky to visualise everything packed into neat little boxes, so we produced a handy storage size estimator to give you an idea of how much space the average flat, bedroom, house or garage requires. Once you know how much you’re shifting, you can start arranging all the important bits.

Get the Right Equipment

Nothing dampens a move like discovering your valuables were obliterated en route. Invest a little money in sturdy boxes and protective materials. Wrap fragile items in bubble, shredded cardboard or foam and securely stack these boxes away from anything heavy or unwieldy. Remember you have to be able to move your boxes, too, so make them too heavy.


If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. When moving home, keep repeating this mantra to yourself. Good organisation is key to a successful move and that means planning everything from how you pack individual boxes to which boxes you unload first. Divide your boxes between rooms and label them accordingly. That way you won’t discover any ladles in the living room boxes or television remotes in the bathroom boxes. When you’ve got your things divvied up, work out which boxes you will likely need least. Pack these first so they are at the rear of the truck or car. One last tip: Pack an essentials box. This box should have everything you need for your first night: coffee, snacks, a kettle, a change of clothes, toiletries, beddings, etc.. Having the bare essentials packed together means you won’t be up past midnight rummaging through box after box trying to find your pyjamas.

Round Up Help

The true test of a friendship comes when you ask people to help you move. Do your closest friends like you enough to spend a day boxing up your life and heaving it into a truck? Of course! However, if there’s a hint of reluctance, feel free to bribe the more unwilling participants with pizza or other unhealthy foodstuffs.

Travel Logistics

Unless, for some reason, you happen to be moving one house along the street, you’ll have to decide how to transport your belongings from old house to new. If you’re moving from a studio flat, you might get away with stuffing a pile of boxes into your car and going it alone. However, for anything bigger than a one-bed, you’re likely to need some professional assistance. Shop around removal firms and get some quotes. It’s a good idea to ask for references or check online for reviews, too. Finally, if you do choose to go with a removal company, remember to check whether they are insured and to brief your driver about what they’re carrying.

Consider Storage

You won’t always walk into a home that’s ready to live in. There might be construction that needs done, there might be rooms that need painted or you might need to downsize your belongings. Whatever the reasons, sometimes you won’t be able to move all your belongings in in one go. When that happens, you need somewhere to store them somewhere. That’s where we come in. Split your belongings into three sections: moving, storing and ditching. Send the first lot to your new home, the last lot to the charity shop and leave the middle lot to us. We’ll keep your belongings safe until you’ve worked out where they are going. We even offer free pickup and delivery so there’s no need to worry about how to get it to our secure facility.

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