How Self Storage Can Help Landlords

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If you’re a landlord, you know that an empty property is the same as drilling a hole in the bottom of your wallet. Getting new – and reliable – tenants is the name of the game.

Earlier this week, we sat down with letting aficionados from Glasgow letting agent Central Letting Services to discuss how self storage can landlords minimise their unoccupancy times and maximise their income.

Here are our top three tips for getting new tenants in the door.

Simplify Furnishings

Simplify Furnishings

Furnished flats don’t have to look lived in and – in fact – shouldn’t look lived in. A furnished flat should have the basics – seating, tables, couches, white goods, etc. – but you should leave enough space so tenants can make the property their own. So ditch the antique china display cabinet and invest in some quality essentials. Ditching things doesn’t necessarily mean a tip to the tip, though. If you have good quality furniture, keep hold of it. It might come back into fashion twelve months down the line or you could even upcycle it into something else. Long story short, storing now is almost always cheaper than replacing later.
When in Doubt, Move It Out

When In Doubt, Move It Out

It’s much easier for a prospective tenant to imagine furnishings that aren’t there than to see round furnishings that are. Think about it. While a room might be light and airy when it’s empty, it’s hard for someone to appreciate that when they’re peering round tables, over sofas, through plants and under sideboards. If you think a particular piece of furniture makes a room look cluttered or confused, move it out into storage. You can even take pictures of stored pieces of furniture and let tenants choose whether they want it or not. It’s here that self storage really comes into its own. Self storage tends to have flexible periods and unit sizes and that means you don’t need to have an empty warehouse standing by just in case you need to move a sofa out of a flat. Rent the space you need for as long as you need it.
Opt for Common Styles

Common Styling

Landlords have to remove personal preference from their styling. It doesn’t have to be boring, but if you’re a fan of wild leopard print couches, maybe have someone else pick out the seating. Go for neutral colours and a consistent theme, and ensure your decorating is a high standard throughout. Be prepared to update this styling every few years too or you’ll struggle to generate interest from large chunks of the renting demographic.

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