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Maybe you need a new home for all your garage storage? Or your room at student halls is becoming an unofficial dumping ground for all your belongings? Perhaps you need somewhere to store your caravan over the winter months? Whatever your requirement, we have storage space just for you. We are a Glasgow industry specialising in providing secure storage lockers to the area of Glasgow city centre. Also our Linwood storage units offer surrounding areas secured low cost storage in Bishopbriggs and Cumbernauld. Get in touch today or visit us in person to discuss our self storage glasgow prices and we will arrange an obligation-free quote. Since 2000, we have provided our customers with affordable storage container rental service at convenient locations across the city of Glasgow.

Why choose us?

  • Unlimited access – 24/7 365 days a year
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Free on-site moving equipment
  • Free racking
  • Price promise – we’ll match any comparable quote
  • On-site box shop – fully stocked with packing supplies
  • No termination charges
  • Wide range of unit sizes
  • 15 years of happy customers
Boasting 15 years of happy customers, we at Hassle Free Storage believe in delivering the best self storage Glasgow city centre service in Scotland. Covering all areas of the city from the west end of Glasgow to the eastend, north and southside of Glasgow, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate our customers needs. We offer a variety of affordable, cheap storage units for rent ranging from sizes to store your office supplies, household furniture to motorcycle storage in the location of Glasgow. Check out our space calculator below to find out which of the secure storage solutions best suits you. With all year round unlimited access and free pick up and delivery there really is no better place to store your belongings. Read on to find helpful tips on how to pack your items and what our storage containers can be used for.

Household storage

If you are moving home, relocating overseas, renovating your current property or simply want to Free up much needed space or remove some of the clutter from your home. Look no further for furniture storage facilities as we have the extra space to store your personal & household goods.

Our household storage units in Linwood are a chosen solution for homes across Glasgow, offering storage facilities in Cumbernauld and Bishopbriggs. All our staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional and are on hand to estimate how much self storage space you need and advise you how to get the most from your drive up space.

To make your packing easier, visit our Box Shop, which has all the storage boxes & packing supplies to make your move into storage easier. Our store is situated on-site too, so you can visit us when you’re next here.  
  • 15 Sizes to choose from so it’s never been easier
  • 24 Hour Digital CCTV Surveillance
  • Fully secured and alarmed units
  • Drive-up Storage & Parking
  • Endorsed truck loading areas
  • Inspection rounds performed daily
  • Short & Long Term Storage
  • 24 Hour Access – 7 Days a week

We also offer:

  • Free Van Hire when you store with us (room size and length of stay – terms and conditions apply)
  • Free and ample on-site parking
  • A tailor made package for you
  • Our Best Price Guarantee – we won’t be beaten by any competitor on price!
Our domestic storage come in a massive range of shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to fit whatever you want into them! And don’t worry if you’re not sure how long you need storage for. We supply rooms to our customers from one week to up and over one year!

Using Self Storage between Homes

One of the most trying things about moving from one home to another can be making the timelines work. Often, people need to be out of their old homes before their new homes are ready. Other times, a lease is up and they’re still in the middle of a new home search. Whatever the case, it means finding a place to stash stuff is a necessity. Fortunately, this kind of short-term situation is what using self storage is all about, so finding the right storage unit for your between-homes needs is easy.

Be Realistic About Space

Storage units come in a lot of different sizes, but if you’re storing most or all of the furniture and appliances from your home, you’re going to need a large one. A 8×10 or 8×15 is appropriate for apartment dwellers, but a multi-bedroom homeowner may need something larger, like a 8×20 or 8×30 for home storage. Check out our size estimator below to help you choose the right unit for your belongings, and it’s important to be realistic about the space you’ll need. It’s easy to underestimate just how much space your things take up when they’re all in one space rather than spread throughout a home. Since you’ll only be renting your storage unit for a short time while you’re in the process of moving, there’s no reason not to spring for a larger unit that will be certain to hold all of your belongings comfortably.

Seek Out Security

Even though you’ll probably keep your most important items with you during your move, your storage unit will still be chock-full of important and expensive belongings. Feel free to ask our storage Glasgow staff what sort of security we offer. Some facilities won’t offer much beyond a padlocked unit; we have alarmed units, pin coded Electric Gate access and 24 hour video surveillance. It’s worthwhile when you’re storing everything you own to make sure that you’ve chosen a storage facility that makes you feel comfortable!

No Contract, No Problem

The majority of units are rented on a month-to-month basis, which means you won’t pay for the unit for longer than you need it. It also means that if your home hunting or selling is taking a bit longer than expected, you can continue renting with no hassle. Of course, if you know you’ll need your unit for a month or two, there may be discounts available. Be sure to ask our staff at our facility so that you can be sure to grab the best price!

Business storage

Locally based family run company offering Quality, Accessibility and Drive Up Secure Business Self Storage

Is your business located in Glasgow, Linwood, Bishopbriggs or Cumbernauld? Is your place of work needing an office storage solution? Our Glasgow storage company offer low cost budget, flexible and secure business storage solutions available for short and long term lease. We offer our services of business storage in Bishopbriggs, Linwood & Cumbernauld. This offer is open to all size of businesses in Glasgow from the self employed tradesmen, independent one-man businesses up to large plc’s. Our solutions to your Glasgows business storage problems are wide and varied. We tailor our storage rental service to meet the needs of your business. On offer is long term document storage, secure archive storage, bulk storage and stock storage for expanding businesses to name only a few uses for our Glasgow storage units. Secure, dry and clean self storage at low rental prices.

Flexibility & Accessibility

  • No end-date on your storage contract, no long-term commitment
  • As your business storage needs change, so can the space you rent
  • Our local and central location makes easy retrieval of stock samples & equipment
  • FREE to use moving equipment on-site
  • Open 7 days a week – 24 hr access available – 365 days a year • Parcel acceptance service
  • Light and power in units • FREE racking • No termination charges

Self Storage Benefits for Small Business

If you’ve ever watched “Shark Tank” on TV, you have likely become familiar with the pitfalls that are faced by small businesses. This can be true for both new, emerging operations, and those that have succeeded past the notable two-year mark, the point in time when emerging businesses are deemed to have “beaten the odds.” It takes a lot of courage to start a business. It also takes a great idea, a market niche to be filled, ambition, and plenty of luck! Ask a successful business owner, and if he/she is candid, they will tell you that on top of all their hard work, good luck plays a big part in getting a business off the ground. If this is the case, it seems only sensible to leave as little to the elusive “good luck” odds as possible.

Cost and Control

Keeping costs down is a huge component in the early stages of a new enterprise. But so is having services or product immediately ready and available for the customer. This can be a juggling act, because of limited cash flow, limited space, and limited inventory. Spending your small business pounds wisely plays a key role in reaching success. If you own a small business in Glasgow, chances are good that you started it from home. This is a great way to control costs. But it has repercussions. Let’s say you are doing well, and you need room to continue to grow. Who, or what, can be displaced to give you that room –and for how long? Even if you’ve leased a store front to begin your company, what happens when your office supplies, inventory, or product samples outgrow your space? Or let’s say you can get a far better deal on products or components for your product if you can order in bulk, but have nowhere to stock them? The ideal solution, of course, is an off-site storage unit! We have this covered with our Glasgow storage units to cater for all your small business needs. Think about it: a clean, secure, safe storage space at a far reduced cost per square foot price than office or retail space, and a place that won’t crowd you or your family out of your home. Better yet, this will be a space that can readily grow along with you, without the need to completely break down your existing business and start all over again in a different space. This avoids the physical moving costs, printing new business cards and stationery, setting up new phone and computer systems. That can kill a budget fast!

Management and Practicality

Not only do business owners use our units as office storage but have used their units as mini-showrooms, as well. The message to your customer can be terrific: here’s a business owner who is innovative, and knows how to keep costs (and therefore, customer prices) down! It’s a win/win situation. It goes without saying that good organization is essential. This is especially true if more than one person will be accessing your storage. Of course, this is true no matter where your goods are stored! Clearly labelling and grouping items will be beneficial. Many owners create “maps” of their storage space, and post them prominently so that anyone coming inside can quickly find the area they need to access. A good system of this kind avoids clutter, which is essential if your clients or customers will be visiting the space. A last benefit of taking the self storage unit approach is perhaps one you’d not think of right away, but is very real: Most new business owners work nearly non-stop. That’s what it takes to launch a successful operation. But when the day is finally done, it is far more restful and relaxing to come home to a place that’s not bursting at the seams with more work “stuff” as opposed to being surrounded by and unable to escape it. Seems like a bargain all around!

Secure and affordable student storage

  • Short contracts
  • Convenient drive-up space
  • Save money with our Best Price Guarantee
  • Choose from 15 flexible unit sizes
  • Year-round 24 hour access
  • Pick from two handy locations in Glasgow
  • Free van hire (T&Cs apply)
  • Secure car park
  • Protected by comprehensive physical security
  • Covered by 24 hour CCTV system

Store your halls with us

Is your room bursting at the seems in your halls of residence? Are you studying in Glasgow at one of its prestigious institutes such as the University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow school of art, Langside College, Stow College? Then we are the company for you. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate living away from home for the first time. In nine months, you’ve turned a barren room into a treasure trove of moving out presents, pub quiz winnings and new clothes. Come the end of term, you’ll have to decide where to store everything for the summer. You can’t leave anything in your old halls, you probably can’t drag everything back to mum and dad’s and you’d need a lot of favours to distribute all your things amongst your friends. We saw hundreds of students struggle with this dilemma and knew we could help. For a decade now we have been providing student storage with safe, secure and affordable short term storage. No strings, no hidden fees – just hassle free storage for as long as you need it.

Storage sizes

To help you get off on the right foot, along with the helpful packing preparations tips, we have also created a handy space calculator table. This table gives you a rough idea of how much space you will need. Hassle free is a Glasgow storage company that also has expert staff on site to help you make the correct decisions when choosing the right storage locker rental for you.

Space Calculator Table


Free van and driver for you!

We offer you a free pick up service to assist you moving in your goods. * Terms and conditions apply.

Packing and preparing your storage

10 Tips for Packing Books

Of all the small objects that you can pack into a box, books seem to be the heaviest. Pack a box full and try to move it, and it will feel like you are trying to lift a car..maybe not that heavy perhaps, but surely heavier than most household items you will pack. Since books also take up quite a bit of space in a box, a common mistake is to use a large box in the hope of transporting more books in one load. It’s a nice idea that could leave you wrestling with a box that weighs as much as a TV. An overloaded box can also fall apart under the strain of the heavy load leading to more work or possible injury. Books can also be fragile and difficult to keep from being damaged during a move. Bending, tearing, and moisture can all lead to the destruction of your library. When you pack your books, you need to take special care of them so they will survive the move or time in storage. Here are a dozen tips to help you out next time you have to pack up your books: 1. Books should be packed into book boxes (1.5 cubic ft). Larger boxes can quickly become too heavy to lift. Make sure that the box is in good condition and will hold the weight of your books before you pack them. If you need boxes, you can purchase book boxes from our storage company. 2. There are a couple of ways you can pack books in a box. They can be packed flat and stacked, spine first with the paper edges facing up, or standing upright, with their spine against the side of the box. 3. Do not put your books in a box with the spines up (paper edges facing down) or at odd angles, which could cause damage by warping or bending the pages. 4. Books should be packed securely, but not too tightly. Tightly packed books can be damaged when removed. 5. Valuable books should be wrapped in acid-free paper before placing them in the box. You can also place cardboard in between each book to keep the spines straight and to prevent movement. In addition, you can use bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or small paperbacks to line the box, fill empty spaces, and prevent books from shifting. Valuable books can also be placed within a plastic bag to protect them from moisture. 6. Remember not to overload the boxes. Book boxes should be packed under 40 pounds. This will ensure that they are easy to lift and the contents are kept safe and secure. 7. Close the box and securely tape the top and bottom. Clearly label the top and sides so you can identify the box and its contents. 8. Do not stack boxes in a moving truck or storage unit, unless they are properly secured. Due to the weight of the books, they can cause a lot of damage to themselves or furniture if they fall over. 9. If you are planning on storing your books for a long period of time, make sure they are placed in a cool, dry location. 10.While you are packing your books, it is a good opportunity to sort through them and decide whether you want to get rid of any. Consider selling some of your books at a garage sale, donating them to charity, or selling to a secondhand bookstore. If you simply can’t part with them, you can keep them your local storage facility.

How To Pack a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen televisions once felt downright futuristic. But with the British market purchasing roughly 5.9 million flat screen units a year, LCD, Plasma, and LED televisions have grown commonplace. Whether you’re moving across the country or simply upgrading to a newer model and storing your old television for later use, it’s important to properly pack your flat screen and remain mindful of the delicate screen. Here are our tips on how to pack a flat screen TV.

Did you keep the original packaging?

Fantastic, you can stop reading. Seriously. Just slide the protective cover over the screen, secure it to the Styrofoam anchors and slide it into the box. The original packaging for televisions is about as good a storage option as you will find. Packaging is created with shipping in mind, meaning that extra care is taken to protect every part of the television.

You didn’t keep the original packaging?

Well, for starters, I apologize for this blog not reaching you in time. Nevertheless, we have you covered. Moving blankets or similar blankets and comforters from your home are the perfect tool for packing a flat screen television. They manage to keep distance between the screen and the box and provide padding without damaging the screen. Simply blanket the screen and then secure the blanket using some small rope or bungee cord.

What about the box?

Again, we’ve got you covered. Paisley Self Storage provides wide, slim depth boxes that are perfect for most flat screen televisions. Once you’ve got the television padded with a blanket, simply box it up and slide it into your moving vehicle or storage unit in an upright position.

Securing the screen

Televisions should be stored upright and elevated, meaning that you will want to have your flat screen stored between other items, or on top of a table or stand. If you aren’t able to find a spot to slide the television between two items than make sure to secure it against a wall. Again, bungee cord or rope will be helpful and we recommend placing one cord along the base of the unit and another along the top section of plastic framing (strive to avoid letting any cord or rope make contact with the screen, especially when those materials are being pulled taut to secure the unit). Moreover, you will want to make sure to store the television with the screen facing away from the wall. One final note: While I recommend keeping the original packaging I also understand the desire to recycle your old boxes to reduce clutter. So if you decide to get rid of the packaging, always make sure to keep the protective sleeve or other form of screen protector included with your television. These sleeves are the ideal barrier between your screen and the moving elements. Consult with one of our professional experts on how to couple television storage with your other storage needs. We always recommend thinking of ways to pack smart and maximize your storage space and our representatives would be glad to help you think through the best way to organize your unit!

How to Store Kitchen Appliances

Moving and storing appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, and microwaves can be difficult because these items are heavy and prone to damage in transit. Whether you are planning to store your appliances temporarily while you move or want them in safekeeping for future use, here are some tips for you:

General Appliance Storage Tips

Check the instruction manual for each appliance if you still have it around. It will often have specific manufacturer’s instructions on how to prepare the appliance for moving and storage It’s very important to do a thorough cleaning with mild dish detergent. Any leftover food or bacteria can result in odor, mold, and bugs Allow every item to dry completely before storing because excess moisture can allow for odor and bacteria to grow If you are moving multiple items, place appliances in the moving vehicle last so they can be removed first.

Moving and Storing a Refrigerator

Defrost your refrigerator three days prior to the move. Drain icemakers and water dispensers and allow them to dry completely. Remove all drawers and removable shelves for a more thorough cleaning. Wash the inside and dust the outside. Transport the refrigerator upright, and never on its side, which can lead to damage. Tape the doors shut while in transport. Once in storage, remove tape and leave door slightly open to prevent moisture.

Moving and Storing a Cooker

Remove pans and any removable shelves for a thorough cleaning. If it’s a gas stove, you’ll need to have a professional come in to turn of gas and remove piping. Keep the piping inside stove for easy access. If it’s an electric stove, you can unplug it yourself when you are ready to move it. Tape down knobs to prevent damage in transit. Tape the plug to the side of the stove for safekeeping while in storage.

Moving and Storing a Dishwasher

After cleaning, allow to air dry with door open for at least 24 hours. Remove hoses and clean separately. Wrap hoses in towels or newspaper for protection and place inside dishwasher. Tape cord to side of dishwasher for safekeeping while in storage.

Moving and Storing a Microwave

Remove glass plate or turntable and clean separately. Place the microwave in its original packaging if possible. If not, choose a heavy duty cardboard box and use filler such as bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent damage. Always tape door shut for transport.

Preparing your mattress & bed frame for storage

The average Briton over 15 years of age sleeps more than eight hours a night, according to the UK Bureau of Sleep Statistics. This means most people spend 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month, and 2,920 hours a year in Dreamland. Roughly a third of your life is spent in a deep slumber. It seems almost impossible. Through this spectrum, your bed and mattress becomes some of your most important investments. A good mattress should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, if properly maintained. A solid bed frame can last decades. If you need to put a bed and mattress in self storage — maybe your partner is moving in and you need to upgrade from twin to queen (or even king), or your kids are moving out and you want to repurpose their rooms — follow these helpful hints to make sure they maintain their magic for years to come.

Keeping your dreams alive: How to store a mattress and bed

Clean everything first. Once you’ve selected the right space, clean your bed and mattress — and all furniture pieces. You can clean your mattress in a number of ways, but the easiest method is using upholstery cleaner (like you would on a couch) and vacuuming your mattress on both sides. Clean the bed and bed frame with soap and water. If desired, use oil soap on the wooden bed or headboard, especially if it’s an antique or older piece.

How safe is your mattress in storage?

Disassemble the bed. Take apart the bed before bringing it to your self storage unit. Not only will it pack easier, but it’ll also reduce the likelihood of nicks or scratches. Protect from dust or moisture. Cover the bed pieces with old blankets or sheets to shield them from dust or moisture. If possible, do not use thick plastic covers, as these are more likely to trap in the moisture. A light, breathable plastic would work well, however. Similarly, the mattress needs to stay covered. High-quality mattress bags (with no holes or tears) should cost less than £20. These will prevent mold and ensure the mattress stays dry. Lay the mattress flat. While some sources may tell you to prop the mattress on its side to save space, you should never store a mattress upright. It’s perfectly fine to carry your mattress upright, but once you place it inside your storage unit, lay it flat to mimic its natural positioning. Over time, the coils and inter-workings of a side-stored mattress will settle out of their proper position, destroying the cushion. Never store anything on top of the mattress. Heavy objects can damage the springs. Heavy objects create more wear. To make the best use of space, place the mattress on top of other objects, like pallets or other flat-topped furniture items. Make sure everything is stable, though!

Preparing Fragile Items for Storage

Proper preparation and packing of fragile items before placing them in storage is key. A little extra time and care can go a long way in preserving items like fine china, glass and crystal items, or any other breakable things you may need to store.These items are more likely to be broken in transit and while in storage. Follow these tips to increase the chances they’ll stay safe.

General Storage Conditions for Fragile Items

Glass and fragile items are prone to damage through too much fluctuation in humidity and temperature or exposure to the elements. Choose a unit with a steady, cool temperature. Always store fragile items in a plastic container and choose the sturdiest possible. Consider purchasing plastic containers or heavy duty boxes designed specifically for certain items (such as plates or wine glasses), especially if they will be stored long term. Always label all boxes for easier access. You don’t want to have to dig through every container and unwrap a bunch of items to get to that china you need! When loading boxes onto moving vehicles and storage units, always place the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

Preparing Fragile Items for Storage

Line the sides of your plastic container with a solid cushion of filler material such as bubble wrap or newspaper. Line the bottom of the container with filler material, packing peanuts, or old towels. Avoid overpacking boxes becauseweight can easily add up and weaken the cardboard. If you’re storing in plastic, you won’t have this problem, but too much weight could make it very difficult to lift. On the other hand, avoid underpacking because this can cause items to shift and break in transit. Find a medium ground and be sure to fill in all gaps solidly with packing material.

Storing Dishes and Plates

Avoid placing dishes flat in the box or container. Place dishes on their sides inside the box or container and use acid free tissue paper to keep them in place. You can also purchase cardboard or plastic dividers to keep the plates steady.

Storing Cups and Glasses

Fill cups with packing materials and wrap in bubble wrap or newspapers Place these upright in the storage container, as you would place them on a table, If storing multiple items in one container, always place cups and glasses towards the top, Be aware of breakable glass stems on wine glasses.

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I would like to thank Paisley & Kirkintilloch Self Storage for porviding safe and dry storage for a large quantity of items including clothing and paperwork which insured that the condition of this property was as good when we collected it as when we deposited it more tha n three years earlier. I would highly recommend them.
We used Paisley & Kirkintilloch Self Storage for about 6 months and were very impressed with the facilities and service provided as well as the cost. The units are very clean, dry and secure and the staff were always friendly and helpful when we needed to speak to theme. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else. Many thanks for the great service!