Storage Prep: Furniture

Storage Prep: Furniture

Packaging and storing furniture is often necessary when moving house or renovating your home. Unfortunately wood furniture isn’t really built for long term storage. Get it right and your furniture will come out of storage looking just as beautiful as when it went in. Get it wrong and you’ll end up with expensive firewood.

If you are planning on storing your furniture for an extended period of time, here’s a few steps we recommend to ensure that your pieces come out of storage in exactly the same condition as they went in.


For countless centuries, people have used polishes (usually wax) to protect their wooden belongings from the elements. Start by thoroughly dusting and cleaning all exposed wood finishes. Next apply a quality furniture polish or wax and work it into the wood. A good polish adds an extra layer of defence and helps protect your furniture against moisture, dust and pollutants. This is invaluable during long-term storage. There are a lot of polishes on the market so it’s hard to know which ones are good and which are bad. For the best results, contact your manufacturer and ask what they recommend.


Furniture isn’t built for efficient storage. Even if you carefully plan your unit’s layout and fit pieces together as carefully as possible, there will still be a lot of wasted space. The simple solution to this problem is to simply disassemble your furniture. Yes, disassembling furniture might seem like a hassle but it saves you time and money down the line. A disassembled piece is much easier to transport and far easier to store.
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Plastic or Blankets

For long term wood furniture storage, plastic covers aren’t a good option. Yes, they keep the dust off and provide a waterproof layer, but they also collect and trap any moisture inside. If you store wood furniture in a damp location, it’ll be expensive rotten firewood when you get it back out. We typically recommend you use mover’s blankets and wrap them around your furniture so all outer surfaces are covered. Secure the blanket with packing tape, making sure not to stick any tape to wood surfaces. Mover’s blankets have a cotton outer shell with an insulating filler made from either synthetic or natural fibres. They protect your furniture from knocks and bumps during transport and help insulate and protect them during storage.
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Create a Base

If you’re storing on a concrete or metal floor, there’s a chance that moisture will gather on the cold surface and leach upwards into your furniture. Before putting your furniture in your unit, lay a sheet of plastic down and create a barrier to stop the wood wicking water from the floor.


As with all self storage, organisation is key. However, when storing furniture made of wood, you have to remember one extra thing: wood needs to breathe. If you pack your pieces too tightly, the air won’t circulate and you risk developing mould and other nasties. Leave a little room between items and the air will naturally flow, keeping your furniture nice and fresh.
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You’ve done the prep now it’s time to get on with it. Pack up your car, van, truck or lorry with furniture and pay us a visit. We’ll get the coffee on!