What Document Storage Offers Small Businesses

Document Storage Benefits

This week we’re talking document storage and discussing how outsourcing your storage can help your business flourish. We sat down with specialist document scanning service Capture All to discuss the much ignored service.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. Paper is a nightmare. It’s bulky, it’s heavy, it doesn’t react well to water – a particular concern for Scottish businesses!. Unfortunately, there’s not a better option for many businesses – some work just has to be done on paper. However, as businesses grow, document storage becomes a problem. Startups can get by with a few filing cabinets for current documents and a cupboard of archive boxes for older stuff. It’s a good system – until you start to grow. As you win new clients and add new partners, your filing cabinets can multiply and that cupboard can overflow. Valuable office space can quickly get eaten up and you can find your staff  working from isolated pockets of function space amid a sea of storage boxes. That isn’t the way it’s supposed to work. You aren’t a storage company – that’s our job! A lot of businesses don’t really think about storing their documents externally. They’re their documents, right? They’ll just add a new storage room or condense office space. Well that’s just not good enough. You have to reclaim your office and give your business the facilities it needs to flourish.


Businesses are required by law to keep records for six years. Six years of records is a lot of paper and that takes up a lot of space. It’s only when you clear out all your archive boxes that you start to appreciate quite how much real estate they take up. Considering that even a small storage unit can hold around 50 boxes, document storage is a cheap way to get your office feng shui back. All you have to do is work out what you want to do with all your space. With a coat of paint your empty storeroom could become a meeting room, office or breakout room.


Storage companies focus solely on storage. It’s all we do day in day out and that means we have all the time in the world to perfect every little part of our business. We’re constantly reviewing our security processes to ensure our facility is absolutely airtight. From our chain link fence and 24-hour CCTV system to our limited access policy, everything is designed to keep our customer’s belongings safe and secure. Unfortunately, most businesses can’t devote this amount of time to security. Confidential documents might lie in an unlocked filing cabinet and sensitive financials might sit boxed in the stationary cupboard. Outsourcing storage provides an instant fix to these security woes. For Capture All, security is high on the priority list too. To start with Capture All’s building is locked down – you won’t find a fire escape propped open or window left swinging in the wind here. If you don’t have the right access, you won’t get in without an escort. Inside, their documents waiting for processing are stored in a secure warehouse and this is kept under permanent lock and key. If a client’s material is particularly sensitive, it’s locked away in an industrial safe. Capture All are confident in their security and so should they be – they’re accredited to ISO/IEC 27001:2005, after all. Whether it’s securely storing rare books en route to digitisation or holding documents while a company shifts premises, security is at the front of our minds. If an organisation chooses to trust you with their information or property, you have to take that seriously and make sure it stays safe.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind really comes as an overarching benefit. It’s the product of knowing that your documents are safe, secure and easily accessible. It’s seeing that your business has adequate space. It’s seeing your office real estate put to effective use. It’s seeing your business work better. It’s knowing that you aren’t being held back by mounds of paper and your business has the space it needs to flourish and grow.

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